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How can I co-parent with a narcissist?

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2022 | Child Custody |

Parenting after a divorce is challenging, but if your ex-partner is a narcissist, the challenge rises to an entirely new level. Signs of narcissism include delusions of grandeur, a self-exaggerated sense of importance and a lack of empathy.

Dealing with a narcissist is challenging at the best of times. If you are parenting with a narcissist, there are some steps you can take. According to WebMD, it is paramount to limit communication and not be afraid of the narcissist.

Limiting communication

Of course, you are going to need to communicate with your ex-partner at certain points. However, if the partner is a narcissist, it is possible that they will take this opportunity to make your life difficult.

For this reason, it is good to limit communication to emails. You can put anything that you need to discuss with your ex-partner in terms of parenting in writing. This will give you a paper trail, and also give your ex-partner less leeway to make you angry. You can also take your time responding to an email, which means you have time to cool off if the email presses your buttons.

Do not be afraid

Narcissists take advantage of fear. Remember that you are only communicating with this person for the sake of your child. They have no direct power over your life anymore. Certainly, acknowledge when your partner is doing a good job with parenting, but beyond that, keep emotions out of it.

Parenting is difficult. Parenting with a narcissist is even more so. Keep your focus on the most important thing: your kids.


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