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Will bird nesting suit your family situation?

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2022 | Divorce |

As more parents turn to cooperative co-parenting options in the aftermath of divorce, more people come to learn about bird nesting. This unique form of co-parenting holds a fair amount of benefits, but it does not work for everyone.

It is important to understand exactly what bird nesting means and what it takes to make it work. This way, parents can make informed decisions.

Defining bird nesting

Divorce Magazine examines family situations that might find bird nesting suitable. First, what is bird nesting? This term refers to a co-parenting method and living situation that involves the child remaining at the family home. Rather than the child moving between their parent’s homes for visitations, the parents will cycle in and out of the family home instead.

Of course, the first major hurdle comes in the form of finances. Since neither parent will live in the house at the same time, each one will need additional accommodations outside of the family home. Some options that parents in this situation have turned to include:

  • Temporarily staying with relatives or friends
  • Renting out a small space
  • Staying at a hotel or hostel while leaving all personal items in the family home

What works will depend on the parameters of each family’s unique situation, i.e. how long each parent will spend outside of the family home at any given time.

Why trust is crucial

Parents who opt for this method also need to have a level of trust in one another. After all, parents will often still leave their personal belongings in the family home when they are not in the house. They must trust their co-parent to have respect for their belongings and the family home, along with treating their child well.

Parents seriously considering this option can talk about it in more detail with legal help. This can guide them toward the right decision for their life.


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