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What do you know about controlling your anger?

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2021 | Domestic Violence |

Your significant other informed you of the restraining order against you and the charges of domestic violence she or he filed. You suspect your anger played a part in both situations, but you may not know how to get your emotions under control.

Mayo Clinic offers tips for wrangling your anger. Learn how to express powerful feelings without getting into trouble with California law enforcement.


Speaking to your romantic partner out of anger may come across as emotional abuse. Whenever you feel yourself getting upset, think about why you feel upset and what you want to express to your partner in a way she or he cannot misconstrue as a display of verbal domestic violence.


Perhaps you feel mounting pressure or stress from various areas in your life, which could make you quick to anger. Physical exercise helps you blow off steam, release feel-good hormones and stay in shape. Challenging your mind and body to an intense workout could be the outlet you need to find emotional balance and mental relief.


With anger management, you do not want to stifle or ignore intense emotions. Instead, the goal becomes finding a healthy way to express what you feel. Once you think and calm down, share the source of your anger with your partner, why it made you feel that way and how your anger helps you meet and express your needs. Giving your partner insight into how you work on an emotional level could equip her or him to help you meet your needs.

“False” accusations of domestic violence could have a kernel of truth to them. By managing your anger, you become a better person and partner.


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