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What do you know about creating a viable parenting plan?

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2020 | Child Custody |

While ironing out the specifics of your divorce, you and your former spouse must decide how you want to raise your shared children together. Do you know how to create a solid parenting plan?

To help, see what Our Family Wizard suggests for spending time with your children. With the right plan, you help better ensure everyone’s satisfaction.

Do not forget to include child expenses

When drafting your parenting plan, consider the costs of raising a child. If your divorce settlement involves child support, you and the other parent should document your child-related expenses when you have custody of your kids. No matter who pays or receives support, maintaining a spending log helps you see how much you each spend on your children and on what. This information helps you develop your budget.

Include communication methods

You and the other parent may not communicate with each other much after your divorce. If you do not, include a way to keep in touch with each other in your parenting plan. By keeping the lines of communication open, you can plan for changes in your or your children’s schedules, and you can better organize your parenting plan.

Keep your child’s interests in mind

Besides your work schedule and other obligations, keep your children’s interests in mind when structuring your plan. How can you most favorably structure your plan around your children’s emotional and mental needs? Does your plan reflect your children’s current school schedule? Does your plan account for the time it takes for your children to get ready to travel between households? You may need to adjust your plan over the years to account for your kids’ development and age.


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