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Custody issues and seasonal affective disorder

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2019 | Child Custody |

For some people, the winter months can be particularly difficult. During this time of year, a number of Americans struggle with seasonal affective disorder (SAD). People who have this mood disorder may experience higher levels of depression, and they may also be more vulnerable with regard to anxiety and other negative emotions. Throughout the rest of the year, those with SAD may have relatively stable mental health and they may not struggle with depression. However, darker winter months can be very tough. Worse, some people who have seasonal affective disorder find themselves in the middle of custody issues during this time of year.

Our law firm completely realizes how emotionally draining custody matters can be. Whether someone wants to fight for their custody rights, spend more time with their child or even just secure the ability to visit their child periodically, custody issues can be very upsetting in terms of one’s emotions. Those with SAD may have a particularly hard time working through these hurdles during the winter, but they should do everything in their power to prevent their emotions and mental health from interfering with their ability to secure a favorable outcome.

For some people, this can be very hard. Preparing for a custody battle or a court hearing can be incredibly tough when someone is severely depressed. Moreover, depression and other mental health issues may even impact one’s custody case. Those struggling with SAD may benefit from consulting a medical professional and doing what they can to control their emotions. Moreover, they may find that reviewing their rights and options provides some mental stability.


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