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California woman successful sues for child support after decades

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2019 | Child Support, Firm News |

After almost five decades of being divorced, a woman will finally be receiving support from her former husband for their now adult child. The California resident successfully sued her former husband for child support he owed for their 52-year-old daughter who was 3 at the time of her parents’ divorce. The man apparently fled the country in the 1970s rather than make support payments.

The woman worked to put her now successful daughter through college, but as older age approaches, she says the money has been tight. She said when she realized there is no statute of limitations on child support, she decided she would try to get her former husband to pay up. The man was ordered to pay $160 a month more than 50 years ago, but with interest added at 10 percent per year, that amounted to $170,000 in back payments. 

The court agreed to a settlement of $150,000. There has been no feedback from the woman’s former husband, who currently resides in Oregon. The woman says she wants other women whose former husbands aren’t or haven’t paid support to know that they can sue for back payment even after many years.

There are some laws of which many people are unaware when it comes to child support issues. A California lawyer may be able to review a client’s individual case and make recommendations when it comes to child support orders not being followed. The law states that children should have the support of both parents and in many cases, that means financially as well.


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