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Giuliani and wife clash as they begin to divide property

by | Nov 8, 2018 | Firm News, Property Division, Property Division |

California residents may be aware that former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani and his wife Judith are moving through a high asset divorce. As they navigate that process, the couple are at odds over how much money Mr. Giuliani is bringing in. According to his 2017 tax returns, he made $9.5 million last year. As the couple negotiate how to divide property, however, Giuliani claims his income has dropped off drastically this year. 

Mr. Giuliani left his position at a thriving law firm to work on behalf of President Trump. He claims that this move has left him with far less income than in previous years, as he is not receiving a salary for his legal services. When asked why he would work for free, Mr. Giuliani points to his 30+-year relationship with Trump. 

According to his wife, however, Giuliani continues to spend money as though there is no concern about dwindling income. Her attorney points to an estimated $286,000 spent on an alleged mistress, $165,000 in travel expenses and more than $400,000 spent on Giuliani’s “own enjoyment.”  

As this high-profile couple moves forward in their divorce, additional details about their financial standing may be of interest to California readers. If either party wishes to enjoy a greater degree of privacy, choosing to divide property through a settlement would be the best path forward. Mr. Giuliani is no stranger to high asset divorce, having paid his second wife more than $6.8 million during their 2002 split. It’s unclear whether a settlement is in the works in this case or if the parties are determined to go to court to resolve their differences. 


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