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New bill will assist in child support collection

by | Oct 10, 2018 | Child Support, Firm News |

Taking care of one’s children is a top priority for parents. Many California parents will set aside their own desires to make sure that the children have what they need. Unfortunately, there are those parents who do not recognize that children must be given priority and therefore do not step up and take care of their children as required by a child support order. Currently, the state of California has close to $18 billion in past-due child support. This number increases to almost $120 billion throughout the nation as a whole.

Child support is calculated based upon a percentage of the parent’s income. Its purpose is to help in taking care of the needs and wants of the child. Each child needs housing, food, clothing, medical care and more. In addition, children often want to participate in other activities that do require some financial outlay. Child support is provided as a means for both parents to be actively involved in meeting these needs.

The state of California has recognized that there are some who simply will not pay unless they discover that it is to their benefit to do so. As such, the insurance commissioner proposed a bill that has recently been signed by the governor. Under this new bill, child support can be taken from payments made under insurance claims. It is estimated that this new bill will assist with the collection of millions of dollars in past-due child support.

Each child deserves to have an opportunity to thrive. Child support is simply one way in which parents can afford them this opportunity. For those who are not receiving child support as ordered by a California judge, there are legal options available.


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