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Child custody remains a family affair for Josh Lucas and ex-wife

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Child Custody, Firm News |

Living in the Hollywood spotlight, it can be hard to hold a marriage together. When one actor and his ex-wife split in 2014, they chose to adopt a co-parenting arrangement known as “bird’s nesting” after their divorce and child custody hearings. In California, more parents are opting for unconventional ways to parent their children after a divorce.

Hollywood heartthrob Josh Lucas, who rose to fame in the movie Sweet Home Alabama, and his ex-wife, Jessica Ciencin Henriquez, are trying to limit the disruption in their son’s life since their divorce. The couple, who are both committed to their son, have maintained a united front in their relationship by putting their son’s needs first. The goal for both is to create a stable life for him.

The 46-year-old actor and his ex-wife maintain a home in New York City for their son, and each parent rotates in and out of the residence — much like birds come and go in the nest. The idea is that the child should not have to shuttle back and forth between different homes. Both claim the arrangement is working well, and both parents agree that the boy’s happiness is the primary focus.

Child custody arrangements may be one of the biggest hurdles parents have to conquer. Balancing life and work while remaining committed to raising a child can be very complex. In California, not everyone is on board with this shared lifestyle, but parents who are looking for ways to co-parent with the least amount of disruption to their children may benefit from this type of arrangement. In California, divorcing parents can speak with a dedicated and capable attorney who can help his or her clients make the right choices for their family.

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