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May 2017 Archives

Property division: does a short sale mean the short straw?

Mortgages and realty ownership can be complicated at the best of times. When a California couple divorce, the marital home may be dealt with in a number of ways. If there is no definite severing of rights and responsibilities on mortgage agreements and realty deeds, then problems may arise again in respect of property division, sometimes years following finalization of the divorce.

Love me, love my friends -- or face the possibility of divorce

It's impossible to please all of the people all of the time, however hard one might try. Many California residents are familiar with the tensions that can arise when they meet new partners, especially if he or she doesn't get along with the people closest to them. While much has been written about the difficulties experienced within families when such things happen, recent research has focused on what happens to divorce rates when one's closest friends don't get along with one's husband or wife.

Post-divorce finance is like driving; it helps to look ahead

Sometimes, it is all one can do to keep putting one foot in front of the other, let alone giving thought to one's future. Many California residents will know that this can be especially true when going through a divorce. While some plans can be postponed, there are others, such as financial matters, that will need to be prioritized.

Money: the root of all evil, or the route to the divorce court?

The passage of time changes people in many different ways. While some couples grow closer together, others may grow apart. For some California residents, it can be difficult to decide whether changes that they witness in their spouses' behavior may be leading to the divorce court.

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