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April 2017 Archives

Mother of Elizabeth Thomas faces accusations of child abuse

Childhood is often said to be the best time of one's life; however, even with a stable and loving home environment, adolescence can be one of the most confusing and difficult times in a young person's life. Child abuse can cause physical and emotional scars that may last well into adulthood, as many California residents will be aware. Children who have been subjected to abuse at home may become even more vulnerable, falling prey to manipulative adults as a result.

Child support: Don't underestimate child care costs

The joys of having children bring with them many years of responsibility. Some California couples are lucky enough to be able to afford to have one spouse bear the brunt of being a full-time homemaker and parent. If such a couple decide to divorce, this arrangement may not be sustainable, leaving both parents potentially having to consider the costs of child care as part of the child support arrangements.

Child support means exactly what it says

There are many things that can be open to interpretation. Child support is not one of them. Where one parent spends more time with the child, or has a lower income than the other parent, child support payments are intended to allow the child to maintain a consistent standard of living, irrespective of which parent he or she is with. Some California residents will be familiar with situations where this does not appear to be how things work out in reality.

Mel B bids husband goodbye amid allegations of domestic violence

All that glitters may not be gold, especially a relationship that appears glamorous and glitzy from the outside. For some California residents, the reality is far removed from the public perception. Cases of domestic violence are often something akin to a Jekyll and Hyde existence, with the abuser behaving like a model citizen in public and reverting to a monster in private.

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