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February 2017 Archives

Predicting divorce: How long is a piece of string?

There are ways of being able to predict many things. Some, such as the weather, are based on scientific principles that usually give reasonably accurate results. Others, such as the likelihood of divorce based on statistics, may be more of an indicator than a prediction. Some of the following may seem almost obvious to California residents, while others may make no obvious sense.

Divorce means that it won't be business as usual

Business owners are used to planning ahead, but there are some things that even the most prepared of us may not see coming. A divorce may come completely out of left field, presenting one with more complex problems than usual. Dividing marital assets may be difficult at the best of times; however, California residents who own businesses with their spouses may find that this presents greater issues than how much one is entitled to as his or her share.

Still named on the deed or mortgage after divorce?

Realty issues may be complicated even at the best of times. When California couples divorce, there are no hard and fast rules that apply to everyone. While it may be more common to deal conclusively with realty, there may be times when, for whatever reason, some elements of division of assets, such as the marital home, are delayed.

Finance doesn't have to be a grey area in a grey divorce

With age comes a wealth of experience, but unfortunately, it is not always pleasant. It may take some California residents years to realize that they are no longer happy and fulfilled in their marriages, and that it is time to consider their futures in a new light. Recent years have seen increasing numbers of older couples deciding that their way forward lies in divorce.

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