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June 2016 Archives

Weighing long-term financial options during divorce

As times change, so too do the laws of the land. Spousal support and divorce fall under state law, meaning that where one resides and/or files for divorce will likely affect the outcome. This may be something that, during happier times, California residents have not previously considered.

Should decisions about child custody be made by judge or jury?

When one has a difficult decision to make, it can sometimes be easier if one does not have to do it alone. In cases where divorcing parents cannot agree on child custody arrangements, the decision is usually made by a judge. This could be set to change for California residents if a proposed initiative gains the required level of support.

Costly divorce? Get by with a little help from your friends

Everyone needs help at some point in his or her life, especially at times of great change. Divorce is just one of those occasions when California residents may turn to family and friends for support. Many of those a person relies on may be able and willing to lend a sympathetic ear or even offer the benefit of their own experiences; however, if one is struggling financially to meet legal and other costs, those around them are unlikely to be in a position to offer significant assistance. The little bit of money that one person may be able to spare will usually be like a drop in the ocean of ever increasing fees.

Johnny Depp, Amber Heard: Allegations of domestic violence

Marriages don't always run smoothly, and even the best matched couples have to work at it. There are times, however, when even one's best efforts are not enough to make a relationship last. In many cases this results in divorce. For some California residents, divorce may be preceded by allegations of domestic violence.

Your state and divorce: how state laws affect outcomes

The law is not always as simple and straightforward as one might hope. Federal laws apply to the whole nation; however, each state also has its own laws, and every legal action is decided by the court with jurisdiction. In California, as in the rest of the country, it is the state laws that govern divorce and family law.

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