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May 2016 Archives

Property division: let your head rule your heart

Many people have fond memories of their childhood home. For California couples who are facing divorce, the family home is often sold as part of the property division, and this is usually the least complicated option. Any children affected by the marriage breakdown may find it difficult initially to adjust to new living arrangements; however, there may be a variety of reasons why one spouse might choose to remain in the marital home.

In the best interest of the child, not for the sake of the child

Parents naturally want the best for their children. Many California couples on the brink of divorce will be familiar with the idea of staying together for the sake of the child; however, it is not always in the best interest of the child. Rather than creating a stable and reassuring two-parent home, it can instead become something akin to a war zone.

Hidden assets and the electronic age

It is natural to want to see fairness and justice prevail. When couples divorce, it can be common for emotions to spiral out of control, skewing one's view of what fairness looks like. The community property assessment may become a battleground where California residents can find that spouses are devious – or desperate – enough to create hidden assets.

Counting the cost before, during and after divorce

They say that everything comes at a price, and the break-up of a marriage is one of the most costly experiences one may encounter, both emotionally and financially. California residents who are considering divorce must think not only about the immediate future, but also the mid to long term financial implications. With help, this need not be as daunting as it may seem at first glance.

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