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March 2016 Archives

Could divorce mediation reduce duration and costs?

In today's financial climate, most people are keen to cut down on expenses. While it can be tempting to cut corners when it comes to divorce costs, this can sometimes turn out to be a false savings. One method that may help California residents to reach an agreement on settlement more quickly with his or her spouse is divorce mediation.

Child custody dispute: Native American heritage deciding factor

A person's identity is not always a simple matter. Heritage and roots can run deep, but the people around us undoubtedly shape us in a variety of ways. For many California residents, family is more about people and personalities than about blood. A complex child custody case currently in the news highlights the issues associated with such a divide.

Without correct planning, divorce may still be overruled by death

In the grip of emotional turmoil, it is easy for many things to be overlooked. When California residents are thinking about divorce, they may have many thoughts about property division and perhaps even the immediate future. However, there is one important area that should also be considered at this time, namely the area of estate planning. This aspect of one's future may be affected quite significantly, not only by the act of divorce but also by the outcome of the settlement.

Property division need not be a messy business

They say that one should not mix business and pleasure, yet couples will often set up a business together. This can work extremely well until divorce strikes, at which point things have the potential to deteriorate very quickly. What options might California residents consider with this aspect of property division?

Travis Barker seeks to reduce child support payable to Shanna Moa

Being a parent is a complicated thing. While it is about more than the level of financial contribution California parents are able to make, there is no doubt that child support is an important part of many parents' responsibilities. This holds true regardless of the amounts of support involved, although there are times when agreements may need modifications.

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