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January 2016 Archives

Should a stepparent be held liable for child support?

Modern family units come in a variety of forms. These days, it is quite common for stepparents to form strong bonds with children who are not biologically related to them. Many California residents who are considering divorce may find themselves in the positions of having to negotiate child support payments; however, a recent case raised questions over whether stepparents should also be found liable in certain circumstances. 

California custody law puts the best interest of the child first

There are a variety of ways in which couples may divide their possessions during divorce; however, it is impossible like to do the same thing with a person. Understandably, it can be an intense struggled to reach the point where one agrees to relinquish custody of a child. In California family courts, the best interest of the child will prevail.

Treat divorce like a marathon, not a sprint

New Year's resolutions are often abandoned at the first hurdle. For others, the desire for a clean slate is so strong that they rush headlong into action without being fully prepared. For California residents who are considering divorce, it pays to remember the fable about the slow and steady tortoise that won the day over the impetuous hare.

How to anticipate and prevent future problems during divorce

Couples don't enter into matrimony with a view to parting company further down the line. For many people, divorce may come as something of a shock, and it is natural to be unprepared for such events. While there are no hard and fast rules, there are some mistakes that California residents can try to avoid, in order to smooth the process as much as possible.

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