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December 2015 Archives

Fighting like cats and dogs over spousal support for pets?

It is common for couples to argue over finances. During divorce, the chances of this happening may rise significantly. In California as across the country, being granted spousal support or child support is not unusual; however, an unusual request for spousal support to cover the costs associated with pet care is reported to be creating a sticking point in the divorce proceedings between singer Mandy Moore and her estranged husband, singer Ryan Adams.

Using divorce to pave the way to a new year and a new life

There are some who see January as a new year in more ways than one. While most people are counting the cost of Christmas, others decide to initiate divorce proceedings. Across the country, divorce attorneys experience an increase in business during each January of around 25 per cent, rising to as much as 50 per cent. How may California residents who are considering this route prepare themselves prior to taking action?

Could spousal support changes outside California set a precedent?

Divorce negotiations are often contentious. It is possible that the chances for this may be increased in the case of high net worth divorce, where requested spousal support in particular can reach levels beyond the imagination of many people. Some California residents may be aware of changes in the laws relating to spousal support in New York, due to come into effect in the next few weeks. They could result in a last-minute rush on divorce cases commenced by the less affluent spouses of wealthy individuals.

Divorce in later years may be a second chance for happiness

There are marriages that last a lifetime; there are some that just feel that way. The divorce rate among older couples, aged 50 and over, has been rising steadily for a number of years, while the rate among younger couples has evened out. California is known as the Golden State; however, many of those who reach their golden years here may include divorce as part of their retirement plans.

Goodwill to all, especially with visitation arrangements

Thanksgiving and Christmas are two of the biggest and most family-oriented holiday periods on the calendar: a time of peace and joy for most people. However, for those considering divorce, the holidays may be difficult and even painful. California residents whose families have already broken up will be familiar with the angst that accompanies the separation from one's children, when visitation may be dependent upon the goodwill of an estranged spouse.

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