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November 2015 Archives

Property division is no Boy Scout picnic

The Boy Scouts of America have a motto: be prepared. This is good advice for most areas of life, especially if one is considering or has already initiated divorce proceedings. When things are going well within a marriage, one may feel a sense of security that belies the possibility that matters may not be as they appear. One may think that only wealthy California residents need to plan carefully about property division in the event of a divorce, but the truth is that this is something that affects people at every financial level.

California program makes child support payments easier to pay

Divorced parents can face many obstacles. Even when the amount of child support payments has been agreed upon, they are sometimes hard for the receiving parents to collect. There can be several reasons for this; however, many custodial parents are reaping the benefits of a new state program that was recently introduced in California.

Using legal separation en route to divorce or as an alternative

Marriages can sometimes be difficult and complex. The decision to divorce may be motivated by a variety of reasons that may be quite complicated. For California residents who find themselves unsure about divorce, it can be helpful to seek information on another option -- legal separation.

Spare the rod, spoil the child custody agreement?

Many people believe that life is lived by a series of rules. Whether one considers federal and state laws, or moral concepts of right and wrong, there is no doubt that rules and guidelines help to make the wheels of day-to-day life run more smoothly. California residents who are working out child custody arrangements as part of divorce proceedings will be familiar with the difficulties of creating rules that take into consideration the schedules of two households.

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