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October 2015 Archives

Kaley Cuoco, Ryan Sweeting divorce: Could prenup be overturned?

Relationships can be complicated at the best of times. Any divorce is likely to be difficult for both parties, especially in cases in which wealth is involved. In California, the existence of a prenup may be something that assists in the case of a high-net-worth divorce. One such instance is currently playing out between actress Kaley Cuoco and her estranged husband, professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting.

How to choose who should represent one during divorce

Every big decision begins with a series of questions designed to help people make the best choice they can. Entering into divorce brings many personal questions, usually surrounding how the marriage came to this end or which assets one wants to secure. At such an emotional time, it is easy for California residents to forget to consider other equally important questions, such as how to select the attorney who will represent them during the proceedings.

How to prepare oneself financially when divorce occurs

However hard one may try, rare is the person who is prepared for every eventuality in life. Many California residents may be able to read the signs that point toward impending divorce. However, there are bound to be some for whom the suggestion will come completely out of the blue. Whether a marital dissolution is anticipated or not, there are various measures that may be taken in order to safeguard one's financial position.

Child custody is best approached using legal means

Parents are often willing to go to extreme lengths for their children. As powerful as those feelings may be, child custody matters are best dealt with within the boundaries of the legal system. One California resident is reported to have taken matters into her own hands and, it is suggested, may have abducted her sons during a recent visit. The FBI is reported to be trying to trace the woman and her children.

Penalties for failure to maintain child support may be severe

It can be very easy to let things slip when one is in emotional turmoil. One thing that all parents must prioritize during every stage of divorce is the best interest of their children. Child support payments are often a necessary part of meeting this obligation, and there are federal laws that cover this area, in addition to California state laws. A recent case provides an example of how things may play out if one does not adhere to the law.

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