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July 2015 Archives

Separate homes necessary for separate property assessment

The economic climate can affect many aspects of making the decision to divorce. Making the transition from a joint household to a single household can be financially difficult, and many couples have chosen to remain in the marital home as roommates until such time as each one is able to afford the financial burden of a single-income household. The California Supreme Court recently made a ruling regarding separate property assessment and cohabitation that will give pause to couples facing divorce.

Should the division of marital assets include genetic material?

Agreeing on the division of property can sometimes be difficult for a couple who is facing divorce. Arguments about wedding china may be quite common; the custody of a pet, perhaps less so. Child custody is, of course, something that many people are familiar with; however, a recent case brought before a California Superior Court is testing the unusual matter of frozen embryos as part of the division of marital assets.

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner to divorce after ten years

Emotionally, there may be a number of times when it would be better to end one's marriage. There are often practical reasons why it may be worth thinking carefully about when to commence divorce proceedings. Under California law, if a marriage makes it to the 10-year anniversary, it could have a significant impact on any spousal support ordered.

Learning to navigate finances will help, before and after divorce

Marriage is not a one-size-fits-all institution. Every couple's vision of the division of labor or the work/life balance of each spouse evolves based on many different factors. Some California residents will be familiar with the situation where one spouse takes on the responsibility for all financial-related affairs. This may work just fine when there are no problems within the marriage; however, when divorce is in the cards, it can be a major hindrance to the spouse who has never dealt with that area.

Domestic violence: when enough is enough

It is natural to want to believe the best about those we love. After an argument, one may take back hurtful words said in the heat of the moment and may make promises that such an occurrence will not happen again. For many California residents this is a recognizable pattern; however, for some, the heated exchange of words is frequently accompanied by physical blows. It is something that those who live with domestic violence can find hard to explain.

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