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June 2015 Archives

Divorce may impact upon retirement and Social Security benefits

When one begins the process of divorce, there are so many immediate consequences to consider that anything beyond that may be easily overlooked. The truth is that divorce may affect one financially even into retirement years. Whether male or female, California residents may need to look at the long-range forecast when considering divorce settlements.

When is a divorce not a divorce?

Marriage may be considered to be a state of mind to some people; however, it is more complex than that in legal terms. A couple may live together as though they are married without going through a legally binding ceremony -- but in that instance, there can be no divorce. Although many people choose not to go through a legal ceremony, it is the case that marriage nowadays is defined as a legally binding contract. A number of states, including California, have no-fault divorce, but even then things are not always straightforward.

The potential tax implications of divorce may soon lessen

One might naturally assume that there will be no further problems after the finalization of one's divorce. While this may often be the case, there are certain situations in which further discussion or cooperation may be necessary. There can be unforeseen tax implications when filing returns with the Franchise Tax Board, even if one thinks tax issues have been addressed in a divorce agreement. The California Senate recently voted, with unanimous approval, on a piece of legislation designed to uphold divorce agreements in relation to tax liabilities.

Kelly Rutherford's child custody battle may be coming to an end

There may be nothing that causes more vehement arguments between parents than their children. It is natural for each parent to be equally worried that following divorce his or her relationship would remain as strong as ever, whatever the outcome. It is not always possible for the parents to remain on good terms with each other, and in situations like that, California residents may need to employ the legal process in order to apply for child custody or visitation.

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