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March 2015 Archives

Technology has an app to aid sufferers of domestic violence

There are many things that people live with every day, without giving it any real consideration. For the majority of California residents, being safe within the walls of one's own home is taken almost for granted. For those who live with domestic violence, however, this may be a mere dream. This is a subject in which awareness is growing daily.

Pets may be community property in court but not in owners' hearts

The ease with which marital assets are divided during divorce proceedings can vary wildly from one couple to another. While assets can be divided in a fair manner, pets, which in legal terms are considered property, are generally not treated so dispassionately. The community property laws in California can be used to decide the fate of the family dog, but it is more likely that a couple will negotiate a pet's future in a fashion more closely related to negotiations over child visitation and custody.

When a picture paints two words -- community property

Whatever one's taste in art, there is little doubt that into every creation, the artist is likely to have poured his or her heart and soul. On this basis, an artist may not consider such items in terms of material possessions. In California, it may come as a shock to an artist to discover that one's intellectual property may be considered community property in divorce proceedings.

California's status as community property state can affect taxes

There are a variety of issues that may lead a couple to divorce. During divorce proceedings, it is not always easy for couples to remain amicable or cooperative. Living in a community property state and understanding the tax implications of that status may make it necessary for divorcing California couples to set aside their differences and focus on their finances.

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