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December 2013 Archives

California man charged in alleged domestic violence case

A frightening incident occurred during the early afternoon on a recent Sunday in San Mateo, California, when a Mill Valley man carried out an apparent assault on his wife during an argument while he was driving. Thankfully, the incident was witnessed by other drivers who came to the aid of the woman. The gravity of this attack was such that he has now been arraigned on two felony counts, one of attempted murder and the other domestic violence. He is in police custody and has not been granted bail, and this event could leave the wife considering filing for a protective order from her spouse.

California: divorce in later years is on the rise

California is nicknamed "The Golden State," which is thought to date back to the mid 19th century. The effects of the Gold Rush during that time were substantial, creating an era of great excitement, opportunity, technological advance and growth. In contrast, the so-called golden years are expected to be a time of slowing down and taking things easy. People mostly expect Grandma to spend her time baking pies and Grandpa to sneak off for a day of fishing, so it can come as a shock to find that, instead, they are entering divorce proceedings.

Can divorce result in good will all year round?

The holidays are a time when people traditionally come together in celebration. Gifts are exchanged, differences are set aside, and the message of "peace and good will to all" is everywhere. People become wrapped up in the excitement of Yuletide, forgetting that -- for some -- it can be a difficult and painful time. Snow may not fall in some parts of California, but the atmosphere between a couple entering divorce mediation may be frosty indeed.

Can custodial parents improve their child support payments?

Divorce is difficult under any circumstances, and even more so when children are involved. Whatever the reasons for deciding to end a relationship as a couple, everyone involved will still want what is in the best interests of their children. Parents may have faced some difficult conversations as they try to explain complex issues without overwhelming or frightening the children. As a separating couple, it can be understandably difficult to remain civil with each other. As parents, they may find that putting their differences aside "for the sake of the children" may result in multiple benefits, including where child support payments are concerned.

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