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May 2013 Archives

California study shows divorce rate high among low income couples

Many have assumed that those with a lower income are more likely to stay married than those who can transition to a single life with fewer financial roadblocks. However, a recent California study on divorce rates among lower income individuals have shown that those in lower income brackets are marrying less, while filing for a divorce at a rate higher than originally thought. As a result, the study suggests that government programs should move past the promotion of the values that marriage hold and instead focus on the problems that low income couples face during their marriage.

Financial mistakes to avoid during divorce

Ask any divorced person their top three regrets about the divorce process and you are likely to find a recurring theme. Many California residents who have gone through divorce wish that they had handled the financial aspects of the process differently. The following information is offered in the hopes that individuals who are considering filing for divorce can learn from the mistakes of others, and emerge from the process is solid financial shape.

How travel points factor into property division

For individuals who travel frequently for business or pleasure, racking up significant levels of frequent flyer miles can lead to big rewards. These travel points can be redeemed for free flights, hotel stays, vacation packages and other rewards. In many cases, California travelers hoard their points, watching the balance climb and daydreaming about a future luxury vacation free of charge. When a divorce occurs before that vacation is achieved, those travel points can become a matter of contention within the property division process.

Planning for college tuition during divorce

When a California couple enters the divorce process, there are a vast number of choices that must be made. For couples who share children, matters of child custody and support often take the forefront of the negotiating process. While the immediate needs of the children are rightfully a priority, it is important to keep in mind that there will be future needs that also require attention during the divorce process.

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