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October 2012 Archives

Property division and pet ownership after divorce

California couples who are approaching or beginning the divorce process are usually prepared for a series of negotiations over marital property. Those with children anticipate struggles over child custody and support. However, many spouses are surprised at the emotional response they experience when it comes to deciding who will keep the family pets, making this area of property division a difficult hurdle for many.

Is domestic violence against men on the rise in California?

In California and across the rest of the nation, many spouses struggle to sustain a marriage that is undermined by acts of domestic violence. While the traditional stereotype of such behavior is a woman abused by her husband, recent studies suggest that domestic violence against men is a significant problem in American society. When a divorce is on the horizon, issues of domestic violence must be handled very carefully in order to protect the rights and interests of the abused party.

What is a collaborative divorce, and is it right for you?

Often, by the time a California couple has reached the point of moving forward with a divorce, collaboration is the last thing on their minds. However, spouses may want to consider structuring their divorce process in a collaborative manner, as the benefits of such an approach are numerous. While the end product of any divorce is the division of one household into two, the manner in which that is accomplished can have lasting ramifications on all parties.

Property division: McCourt divorce headed back to court

California sports fans may have followed the headline-grabbing divorce between Dodgers owners Frank McCourt and Jamie McCourt. The process took two years to settle, and included contention over a prenuptial agreement as well as the valuation of assets. While the divorce was finalized last year, it appears that the two are headed back to court to revisit issues related to property division.

Reality TV child custody case making new headlines

Divorce can be a challenge, no matter how badly the split is sought or how prepared the spouses feel to move forward. When you factor in issues of child custody, the situation can quickly become very contentious and bitter. Fortunately for most California parents, their personal dramas will remain within the domain of their close friends and family. However, one California divorce and child custody battle is making almost daily headlines and allowing the public insight into a marriage made famous by reality TV.

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