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September 2012 Archives

California divorce: preparation is key to financial stability

When a spouse decides to move forward with ending a marriage in California, the first reaction is often to hire an attorney. While that is certainly important, recent advice suggests that obtaining financial guidance may be nearly as important as one moves toward dissolving a marriage. Multiple studies show that women, in particular, tend to know less about financial issues and lack the confidence to take control of their financial futures. When it comes to divorce, these factors can combine to threaten one's financial stability.

Technology makes visitation easier for some parents than others

When parents separate in California, communicating about issues related to their shared child or children often becomes a challenge. Simply living apart creates the need to reach out and make contact to stay informed about visitation scheduling, needs and changes. Technological advancements can greatly improve communications, but only when both parents have the same motivation. A recent study conducted by a major university suggests that when parents are not on the same page in regard to their children, technology can be used by one parent against the other, to the detriment of the child or children caught in the middle.

Is shared child custody better in theory than practice?

When it comes to child custody, each case is as unique as the family that is involved. Most states have statutes in place that recognize and honor the fact that child custody is not a one-size-fits-all issue. Family court judges are allowed to use their discretion in handling issues of child custody, which in turn allows for a wide range of custody arrangements.

Camille Grammer nets $30 million in California divorce

Many people here in California know that we are in what is called a community property state. Generally speaking, this means that property acquired during a marriage is jointly owned by both spouses, and as such it should be divided equally if the marriage comes to an end. As simple as this sounds, it can actually be quite complicated.

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