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Divorce Archives

Divorce and co-parenting

The end of a marriage can have adverse effects on all involved, especially the children. Studies have shown that a family's transition can have a negative bearing on children both academically and behaviorally. In California, experts agree that the difficulties of divorce are most experienced by children. Taking steps to prepare them can be a win-win for all family members.

How divorce will change your tax status

People experience many changes in their lives over the years. A change in marital status can sometimes be the one with the biggest impact on a California resident's life. When a couple decide to divorce it can have an effect on the tax returns of both parties for many years to come.

Can spousal support be altered after a change in employment?

At one time, certain professions were considered to be a job for life. These days, the employment market is such that California residents could face changes in their circumstances at almost any time. If a change in circumstances comes to an individual who is paying spousal support, can he or she apply to have the amount adjusted?

The warning signs that trouble lies ahead in divorce

It is never easy to discuss relationship problems. Broaching the subject of divorce can be a minefield for California residents, especially when children form part of the equation. There are some signs that may point to the likelihood of particular difficulties in talking to one's spouse about such matters.

Spousal support: How does it work?

Relationships can be difficult and even painful, especially when they come to an end. Some California residents who are facing divorce know only too well that discussions about money can quickly turn into full-blown arguments. Spousal support is something that often creates tension during divorce.

Avoiding tax problems with retirement accounts during divorce

One of the Founding Fathers of our country once said that two things are certain: death and taxes. Every California adult will have had dealings with the IRS at one time or another and will be familiar with how complex tax issues can be. When it comes to divorce, unfortunately, they are no less so.

Ron White, Margo Rey divorce: are they actually married?

Relationships can be difficult to define and complicated to explain to others. One's marital status is usually clearer cut. For one California couple, each party has a different opinion over whether or not they are able to divorce, since they cannot agree on whether they are indeed married.

Infertility treatments do not raise risk for divorce

Researchers have long wondered about the key factors that cause a marriage to end. Many studies have concluded that money troubles lead to divorce, and others indicate that infidelity causes couples to split. Some analysts believe that infertility brings many spouses to the end of their romance. However, California couples who struggle with infertility may be relieved at the results of a new study.

What happens to health insurance after divorce?

People often don't think about insurance until it becomes necessary. Many California families are reliant on the health coverage, as well as life insurance, provided by the employer of the highest earning spouse. No one wants to consider the worst-case scenario in marriage, whether that means divorce or the death of a spouse; however, some things require attention before they become urgent.

Will Richard Williams score the match point in his divorce?

It is said that it doesn't matter whether one wins or loses; rather, it's how the game is played. While it is certainly true that the way in which one conducts one's self is important, there are times when California residents may find themselves accused of behavior that is immoral or illegal. When divorce proceedings are contested, they can bring out the worst in people.

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