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Child Custody Archives

Child custody dispute leads family to flee the country

In a story that has shocked the nation, a mother and father are accused of kidnapping their two young children and fleeing the country. Their escape was short-lived, however, and the entire family has been returned to United States soil. The story serves as an illustration of what not to do in regard to child custody matters, and sends a warning to parents in California and elsewhere who are facing a challenge to their parental rights.

Early decision made in Deion Sanders child custody battle

California sports fans may be aware of the highly contentious divorce and custody battle between football star Deion sanders and his estranged wife, Pilar. The former couple has been in and out of court for some time now, and the end is still not in sight for both their divorce and child custody issues. A custody trial is approaching, and a family court judge has issued a temporary decision that will determine each parent's role in the timeframe leading to their next court appearance.

California grandparents need child custody rights

Drug abuse is one of the most serious social problems currently facing our nation. In cases in which the addict has children, the situation becomes far more complicated, as the safety and well-being of the children must be placed above the needs and desires of the parent. In many of these cases, the grandparents step in to provide for the care of their grandchildren, in California and across the nation. This scenario can lead to a number of child custody issues, however, and care should be taken to ensure that the placement remains in effect as long as necessary.

California child custody decision bolsters parental rights

At the conclusion of a recent appellate hearing, one California father has achieved a major victory upholding his parental rights. The case involves a parent's right to use legally prescribed medical marijuana without the risk of losing child custody. This decision not only affirms this man's right to the care and custody of his son, it also serves as an indicator of the changing ways in which the courts approach the use of medical marijuana.

Reality TV child custody case making new headlines

Divorce can be a challenge, no matter how badly the split is sought or how prepared the spouses feel to move forward. When you factor in issues of child custody, the situation can quickly become very contentious and bitter. Fortunately for most California parents, their personal dramas will remain within the domain of their close friends and family. However, one California divorce and child custody battle is making almost daily headlines and allowing the public insight into a marriage made famous by reality TV.

Technology makes visitation easier for some parents than others

When parents separate in California, communicating about issues related to their shared child or children often becomes a challenge. Simply living apart creates the need to reach out and make contact to stay informed about visitation scheduling, needs and changes. Technological advancements can greatly improve communications, but only when both parents have the same motivation. A recent study conducted by a major university suggests that when parents are not on the same page in regard to their children, technology can be used by one parent against the other, to the detriment of the child or children caught in the middle.

Is shared child custody better in theory than practice?

When it comes to child custody, each case is as unique as the family that is involved. Most states have statutes in place that recognize and honor the fact that child custody is not a one-size-fits-all issue. Family court judges are allowed to use their discretion in handling issues of child custody, which in turn allows for a wide range of custody arrangements.

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