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Divorce Archives

Change in law makes living arrangements easier during divorce

The cost of living seems as though it only ever increases. For California residents considering divorce, the idea of future living costs can become quite intimidating. At some point, one spouse is usually required to move out of the marital home in order to prove that the marriage has indeed broken down. If the remainder of the family continue to live in the former marital home, however, the spouse who has moved out may still be responsible for payment of the costs associated with the home he or she has vacated.

Divorce from one's partner may not equal divorce from their debt

With any kind of action there are often consequences. While divorce may have some obvious impacts on one's life, there are also some that may not immediately occur to many California residents. Depending on how each party conducts his or her financial affairs, the consequences may not even become immediately apparent until after the divorce is completed.

Weighing long-term financial options during divorce

As times change, so too do the laws of the land. Spousal support and divorce fall under state law, meaning that where one resides and/or files for divorce will likely affect the outcome. This may be something that, during happier times, California residents have not previously considered.

Costly divorce? Get by with a little help from your friends

Everyone needs help at some point in his or her life, especially at times of great change. Divorce is just one of those occasions when California residents may turn to family and friends for support. Many of those a person relies on may be able and willing to lend a sympathetic ear or even offer the benefit of their own experiences; however, if one is struggling financially to meet legal and other costs, those around them are unlikely to be in a position to offer significant assistance. The little bit of money that one person may be able to spare will usually be like a drop in the ocean of ever increasing fees.

Your state and divorce: how state laws affect outcomes

The law is not always as simple and straightforward as one might hope. Federal laws apply to the whole nation; however, each state also has its own laws, and every legal action is decided by the court with jurisdiction. In California, as in the rest of the country, it is the state laws that govern divorce and family law.

Counting the cost before, during and after divorce

They say that everything comes at a price, and the break-up of a marriage is one of the most costly experiences one may encounter, both emotionally and financially. California residents who are considering divorce must think not only about the immediate future, but also the mid to long term financial implications. With help, this need not be as daunting as it may seem at first glance.

Revenge is a dish best omitted from the menu of divorce

High emotions rarely go hand in hand with good decision making. Sadly, strong feelings are often the motives behind the decision to divorce, making the process even more difficult by muddying what may already be a complicated situation. California residents may find it better to take a step back from negative motivations, such as thoughts of revenge, when dealing with financial and legal dealings associated with property division.

Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom - why is the divorce still on hold?

Decisions are an everyday part of life. It is true that the greater the consequences, the more carefully California residents should consider all angles before making a final commitment. Divorce is one of the biggest events that may affect one's future, and there may be pressure from various sources that have a bearing on how things progress.

Could divorce mediation reduce duration and costs?

In today's financial climate, most people are keen to cut down on expenses. While it can be tempting to cut corners when it comes to divorce costs, this can sometimes turn out to be a false savings. One method that may help California residents to reach an agreement on settlement more quickly with his or her spouse is divorce mediation.

Without correct planning, divorce may still be overruled by death

In the grip of emotional turmoil, it is easy for many things to be overlooked. When California residents are thinking about divorce, they may have many thoughts about property division and perhaps even the immediate future. However, there is one important area that should also be considered at this time, namely the area of estate planning. This aspect of one's future may be affected quite significantly, not only by the act of divorce but also by the outcome of the settlement.

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