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Divorce Archives

It's wrong to attempt to remove a spouse's rights during divorce

At what point should one become suspicious that his or her marriage is in trouble? While for one person, it may be a change in a spouse's personal habits, for another, it may be a change in his or her working pattern. Whatever the event that triggers the notion, some California residents come to realize that, in fact, the deception may have been in place for quite some time before the idea of divorce comes to mind.

Mary J. Blige, Kenduu Isaacs: dispute over spousal support

When money is no object, the good times roll. Some California residents will be familiar with what happens when the tide turns, especially when divorce is on the horizon. Adjusting to a reduction in income can be difficult, especially if one is used to living in luxury. A recent celebrity divorce case raises the question of how far spousal support should go.

What happens to the house when couples divorce?

The decision to end a marriage brings up many questions. Deciding how to divide the household contents may be easier than deciding what should be done with the marital home itself. There are various factors that California residents may wish to consider if this aspect of the divorce settlement is a contentious issue.

Divorce rates among older couples is higher than one may think

The prospect of getting older can be a mixed blessing. One may not look forward to aging, though many people see their later years in a more positive light. As one's working life begins to wind down, it can lead to the ability to spend more time with loved ones, or to pursue the hobbies for which one previously had no time. For an increasing number of California residents, it can mean re-evaluating an unhappy marriage and considering divorce.

What happens when there is a third party to the divorce?

Marriage is rarely a simple affair. A simple affair, however, can be a symptom that points to the possibility of impending divorce, something with which many California residents may be familiar. Sometimes, the consequences of an affair may become complicated by the arrival of children.

Ben Vereen: first divorce may not have been finalized

The life of a celebrity is almost constantly under the microscope. This is due in no small part to the internet and the phenomenon of social media. These days, one can barely move without the world knowing one's business in intimate detail, and it seems as though no one's secrets are safe. It may come as a surprise to some California residents when a long forgotten divorce turns out to be in dispute.

Giving thought to divorce expenses may avoid shocks later

Being thrifty is not only in vogue, it is also sensible. During divorce, it can be easy to overspend in many ways. With a little forethought, it may be possible for California residents to calculate expenses in order to keep them to a more manageable level.

Comparisons may muddy the waters of divorce

There are many factors that can affect one's decisions in life. It can sometimes be helpful to solicit advice from a variety of sources. California residents who are considering divorce may consider the experiences of friends or family who have already gone through the process to be valuable; however, sometimes the comparisons one makes with another's situation may actually prove to do more harm than good.

Husband seeks divorce from unusual marriage

Marriages may begin – and end – in the most unusual of circumstances. Regardless of why a California resident marries, the decision to divorce is never an easy one. It can be especially difficult in circumstances where an extended period of estrangement has occurred, leaving one in a state of confusion about the status of the marriage.

Francis Bean Cobain, Isaiah Silva: divorce hits a sour note

There are many quotes about music. It may be the food of love or soothe the savage soul. Within the music industry, however, arguments between couples who decide to divorce can often become very public. California residents may be aware of the recent disputed ownership of one of music's most famous items of memorabilia.

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