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Divorce Archives

Divorce means that it won't be business as usual

Business owners are used to planning ahead, but there are some things that even the most prepared of us may not see coming. A divorce may come completely out of left field, presenting one with more complex problems than usual. Dividing marital assets may be difficult at the best of times; however, California residents who own businesses with their spouses may find that this presents greater issues than how much one is entitled to as his or her share.

Still named on the deed or mortgage after divorce?

Realty issues may be complicated even at the best of times. When California couples divorce, there are no hard and fast rules that apply to everyone. While it may be more common to deal conclusively with realty, there may be times when, for whatever reason, some elements of division of assets, such as the marital home, are delayed.

Finance doesn't have to be a grey area in a grey divorce

With age comes a wealth of experience, but unfortunately, it is not always pleasant. It may take some California residents years to realize that they are no longer happy and fulfilled in their marriages, and that it is time to consider their futures in a new light. Recent years have seen increasing numbers of older couples deciding that their way forward lies in divorce.

Divorce: is it a dog's life?

For many people, their relationships are the most important things in their lives. For some California residents, the bonds with beloved family pets may feel stronger than those with their spouses. When one begins to consider divorce it can be distressing to find that, in law, pets are treated as property rather than members of the family.

Do your New Year's resolutions include divorce?

The start of a new year affects everyone differently. While many people plan to lose weight, or follow an exercise regime, there are others whose goals have more far-reaching consequences. As some California residents begin to turn their intentions to divorce their spouses into reality, what are the key things they should bear in mind?

Tread carefully online during divorce

People tend to think that their private lives are exactly that – private. With the advent of social media, however, far more information makes it out into the virtual world than one may realize. It may surprise people how much of this material has the potential to be used during divorce proceedings. While a California divorce may be carried out on a no-fault basis, there are many circumstances that may affect the outcome of financial and child custody issues.

White Christmas, or a Fight Christmas leading to divorce?

Christmas is a time for peace and goodwill; however, the fact that it is also one of the most stressful holidays of the year can make this reality a challenge. It can be particularly difficult for California residents who are unhappy in their marriages. Things that one would normally shrug off may instead irritate one to the point where divorce begins to seem like the only option. How can one tell whether his or her reaction is reasonable or out of proportion to the situation?

Checking retirement plans never gets old during divorce

When one is going through emotionally difficult times, it can be quite difficult to see the road immediately ahead. In divorce, however, it is necessary to consider not only the short term implications, but also the longer term ones. This will apply in particular to California residents who have financial arrangements that relate to retirement.

Divorce: Until debt do us part?

There are any number of reasons why marriages come to an end. While many couples may simply outgrow each other over time, there are many more who find that there are pressures that come to bear such enormous weight that it may seem like divorce is the only solution. Many California residents experience financial difficulties that can lead to this course of action.

Divorce can affect one's employment benefits

Mistakes happen: that is a fact of life. During stressful times, it is easy to overlook things. While one may have his or her mind on personal matters, it may not occur to a California resident that there could be an employment-related aspect that may be affected by his or her divorce.

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