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Divorce Archives

What happens to health insurance after divorce?

People often don't think about insurance until it becomes necessary. Many California families are reliant on the health coverage, as well as life insurance, provided by the employer of the highest earning spouse. No one wants to consider the worst-case scenario in marriage, whether that means divorce or the death of a spouse; however, some things require attention before they become urgent.

Will Richard Williams score the match point in his divorce?

It is said that it doesn't matter whether one wins or loses; rather, it's how the game is played. While it is certainly true that the way in which one conducts one's self is important, there are times when California residents may find themselves accused of behavior that is immoral or illegal. When divorce proceedings are contested, they can bring out the worst in people.

Be prepared; scout out paperwork and finance before divorce

However hard one tries, it is impossible to anticipate every event that may affect one's life. There are certain steps, however, that California residents can take that make good sense in any event. In particular, getting a routine handle on day-to-day finances can be of more help than one might realize, especially if divorce rears its head.

Love me, love my friends -- or face the possibility of divorce

It's impossible to please all of the people all of the time, however hard one might try. Many California residents are familiar with the tensions that can arise when they meet new partners, especially if he or she doesn't get along with the people closest to them. While much has been written about the difficulties experienced within families when such things happen, recent research has focused on what happens to divorce rates when one's closest friends don't get along with one's husband or wife.

Post-divorce finance is like driving; it helps to look ahead

Sometimes, it is all one can do to keep putting one foot in front of the other, let alone giving thought to one's future. Many California residents will know that this can be especially true when going through a divorce. While some plans can be postponed, there are others, such as financial matters, that will need to be prioritized.

Money: the root of all evil, or the route to the divorce court?

The passage of time changes people in many different ways. While some couples grow closer together, others may grow apart. For some California residents, it can be difficult to decide whether changes that they witness in their spouses' behavior may be leading to the divorce court.

How social media may contribute to an unsociable divorce

Social media is such a pervasive and invasive part of our lives these days, that it can be difficult to remember a time that it wasn't. California residents will be familiar with how quickly the salacious details of a celebrity divorce enter into the mainstream, and the damage that this can cause professionally and personally. Many people do not consider how far reaching the consequences of their own injudicious use of social media may be.

Unconventional can be the new "normal" in divorce

In all aspects of life, there are those who live in unconventional ways. Some would say the uncommon has become common these days. Traditionally, divorce is something that is usually associated with anger and acrimony. However, many California couples are able to divorce while still remaining friends, leading to arrangements that may seem strange to other people.

Predicting divorce: How long is a piece of string?

There are ways of being able to predict many things. Some, such as the weather, are based on scientific principles that usually give reasonably accurate results. Others, such as the likelihood of divorce based on statistics, may be more of an indicator than a prediction. Some of the following may seem almost obvious to California residents, while others may make no obvious sense.

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