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Posts tagged "physical abuse"

The growing awareness of domestic violence among California men

Society is plagued by stereotypes, many of which are now challenged as being outmoded or inequitable. Traditional male and female roles within a marriage have progressed to a point where either partner may be the homemaker, diaper-changer or main income generator. Sadly, there is one area of equality that many California residents have been unaware of for many years. While everyone can most likely recall a tale of domestic violence committed against a woman, such stories about men are rarely mentioned for various reasons.

Time to admit that domestic violence has replaced domestic bliss

Marriages require patience, understanding and respect from both parties. The first months (or even years) may seem effortless but at some point the honeymoon ends and the reality of spending a life together begins. It can be such a gradual progression that it can be a long time before a person realizes that he or she is now a victim of domestic violence in the form of sexual assault. In California, this crime is taken as seriously as it is when the people involved are not married to each other.

Non-physical abuse can lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Everyone is accustomed to hearing the term Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD in relation to service personnel who have been subjected to the horrors of war, but most people think that this is the only circumstance in which it raises its ugly head. PTSD is actually a psychiatric disorder that can occur following the experience or witnessing of any life-threatening event. Apart from military combat, this could also mean natural disasters, terrorist incidents or serious accidents. In California, there are several centers and programs to treat this debilitating condition; however, many people are suffering from it without realizing that it could be a result of varying types of non-physical abuse within their relationships.

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