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Posts tagged "domestic violence"

Domestic violence can mean non-physical abuse

Far too many people, here in California and all over the country, are victims of domestic violence. Abuse from a romantic partner can take a toll on victims in many ways. A survivor, who now works with other survivors, says that the abuse she endured wasn't physical, at first, the way many of us often think of domestic violence. She warns other potential victims to take notice of non-physical abuse that may escalate to physical harm.

Former child star arrested re domestic violence claims

A former child star is facing charges in connection with an altercation with his girlfriend. Jason James Richter is best known for his role in the film, "Free Willy." The California resident was recently arrested on domestic violence charges stemming from an alleged argument with his girlfriend in their Los Angeles home. Richter was freed on $20,000 bail after spending a couple nights behind bars.

Domestic violence restraining order does not always remove guns

California law prohibits persons who are under the constraints of a domestic violence restraining order from having a gun. However, local authorities have experienced that it is not so easy to enforce and track the gun status of an individual under a restraining order. In one California county, a domestic violence study has been accompanied with public meetings to determine the extent of the problem and what can be done for easier enforcement.

Domestic violence is often a hidden crime

On the surface, one sees a happy couple. Mom, dad and the children enjoy spending time together and visiting with neighbors. Every day, the California parents get up, send the children off to school and then leave for their respective jobs. This may in fact be a happily married couple; it may also be a couple hiding the signs of domestic violence from the rest of the world.

Duran Duran lead singer accused of decades-old sexual assault

Simon LeBon, front man for the rock band Duran Duran, says he can't apologize for something he was accused of doing more than 20 years ago. The now 59-year-old rocker has been accused of sexual assault by a woman who said LeBon allegedly groped her butt and then her genital area at a California record signing. The woman was an employee at the record shop where the signing took place.

Man suspected of domestic violence now a fugitive from justice

California is a place that about 40 million people call home. A giant melting pot of cultures, The Golden State is a shining example of how residents from all walks of life can come together to create strong and healthy communities. Though California has been able to reduce the amount of violent crime to historic lows, one major issue that still faces the nation as a whole is domestic violence. Domestic violence can affect anyone, regardless of gender, income, and living situation. 

Car crash leads father to facing child abuse charges

Being responsible for a child requires parents to make daily choices to ensure the child's safety and health. When a California child is injured due to the negligence of a parent, the effects could be lifelong as he or she tries to cope with the emotional toll of the incident. Regrettably, child abuse can range from a child suffering daily bodily harm to a child being injured due to a parent or guardian's unwise decision.

Survivor speaks out about sexual assault on college campuses

The first year of college should be a time for learning, building lifelong friendships and self-expression. No one expects to become the victim of sexual assault by a fellow student. In California and other states, one student is speaking out and fighting for legislation to require authorities to have more training and incorporate trauma-based interviewing techniques into the initial interview process.

Former NFL player Aldon Smith arrested for domestic violence

Former NFL player Aldon Smith has been arrested again, derailing a promising career in the NFL. A top-ten draft pick in the 2011 draft, the first-team all-pro player registered 33.5 sacks over just two seasons. The rising star was suspended indefinitely from the NFL for violating the league's substance-abuse policy. He has now been arrested for violating a court order of alleged domestic violence in California.

Domestic violence is a growing medical concern

Reports show that one in four women will be the victim of some type of physical violence caused by a partner. Victims sustain injuries severe enough to warrant medical attention, but rarely do they volunteer the reason behind their injuries. Patients often miss out on the help they may need because of the lack of communication on both sides. In California, health providers and other agencies are working together to identify victims of domestic violence and provide support systems for them.

Domestic violence is often unreported and under recognized

Violence among intimate partners is a common problem that often goes unrecognized and unreported across the country. A study revealed that in addition to routine screening procedures, radiologists could assist in identifying those who suffer from domestic violence. In California, hospital staff can play a significant role in uncovering abuse.

How to deal with non-physical abuse during divorce

Many people experience bullying during their childhoods. Some California residents are unlucky enough to find themselves married to bullies. Domestic violence takes many forms, including non-physical abuse. This can include being ignored completely, or being subjected to verbal abuse.

The inadvertent witness to an episode of domestic violence

Many things happen over the course of the day, for which there are no witnesses. While it can be disappointing that one was unable to get the evidence of an unexpected and pleasant experience, it can be frightening to be subjected to events that leave one shaken or hurt. Many California residents who have been victims of domestic violence will understand that feeling all too well. 

New domestic violence program being trialled in California

It is easy to think that whatever happens in a person's own home is his or her own business. While this is true the majority of the time, there are times when help is not only necessary, but is vital. For victims of domestic violence, a new program being tested in one California county may bring new hope.

Mother of Elizabeth Thomas faces accusations of child abuse

Childhood is often said to be the best time of one's life; however, even with a stable and loving home environment, adolescence can be one of the most confusing and difficult times in a young person's life. Child abuse can cause physical and emotional scars that may last well into adulthood, as many California residents will be aware. Children who have been subjected to abuse at home may become even more vulnerable, falling prey to manipulative adults as a result.

Mel B bids husband goodbye amid allegations of domestic violence

All that glitters may not be gold, especially a relationship that appears glamorous and glitzy from the outside. For some California residents, the reality is far removed from the public perception. Cases of domestic violence are often something akin to a Jekyll and Hyde existence, with the abuser behaving like a model citizen in public and reverting to a monster in private.

Honest faces can often hide liars who engage in emotional abuse

There are times when it is normal to question whether one is being reasonable. When one's teenage child proclaims that "everyone else does, why can't I?"then it can make one reconsider whether one is being too harsh or whether the teenager is merely acting out. Many California residents will be familiar with such scenarios; however, there are times when it can be difficult, if not impossible, to recognize what may be more subtle signs of emotional abuse.

Domestic violence: No one knows what goes on behind closed doors

In movies made in the past, it was easy to spot the 'baddies' – they were always the ones wearing black hats. Many California residents who have endured domestic violence have wished that it was so simple in real life. Abusers often wear faces that, in public, seem charming and caring, yet behind closed doors they may be subjecting their victims to a range of behaviors that would be classed as domestic violence.

Angels Run to raise awareness of domestic violence

There are many things that contribute toward a person's character. The environment that one grows up in can be one of the greatest of those influences. Sadly, the shadow of domestic violence affects many California residents. Many adults are trapped in abusive relationships, but there are also adults who may have had their first experiences of such situations while they were still children.

Johnny Depp, Amber Heard: Allegations of domestic violence

Marriages don't always run smoothly, and even the best matched couples have to work at it. There are times, however, when even one's best efforts are not enough to make a relationship last. In many cases this results in divorce. For some California residents, divorce may be preceded by allegations of domestic violence.

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