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Posts tagged "divorce rates"

California study shows divorce rate high among low income couples

Many have assumed that those with a lower income are more likely to stay married than those who can transition to a single life with fewer financial roadblocks. However, a recent California study on divorce rates among lower income individuals have shown that those in lower income brackets are marrying less, while filing for a divorce at a rate higher than originally thought. As a result, the study suggests that government programs should move past the promotion of the values that marriage hold and instead focus on the problems that low income couples face during their marriage.

Preparing to meet with a California divorce attorney

For many California spouses, the onset of the divorce process is filled with uncertainty and unease. Meeting for an initial consultation with a divorce attorney can help a spouse feel better prepared to move forward with the process, and can also give insight into what to expect. There are a number of ways to prepare for this initial meeting, and doing so can greatly improve the experience for all involved.

January is popular month for California divorce filings

Now that the holidays are behind us, many California spouses are ready to move forward with goals and aspirations for the new year ahead. For some, divorce is at the top of that list, making January the most popular month to file for divorce. There are a number of reasons why spouses wait to file until the start of a new year, but no matter what time of year it is, there are a number of steps spouses can take to achieve a successful outcome.

California divorce rates fall in tough economic times

A recently released study sheds an interesting light on the ways that California families shifts according to the economy. The study looks at data on divorce rates from 1978 to 2009, and compares those numbers against unemployment data from the same years. Researchers discovered a trend that suggests that couples will stay together during tough economic times, and will divorce more often when times are easier.

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