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The length of divorce proceedings depends partly on state law

The law is a subject that is continuously under review. Reforms are usually intended either to simplify or tighten controls in selected areas. The no-fault divorce system utilized in California may ease the process of divorce in many cases; however, some states are looking to adopt more stringent controls.

Time to rethink family and divorce in the 21st century

The area of family law is complex, both legally and emotionally. The concept of what constitutes “family” has changed radically over the years. With so many familial permutations, the complexity of the issue increases. In California, the laws around this subject will soon be under debate in an effort to resolve the many problems faced by families going through divorce proceedings where children are involved.

When the division of marital assets requires long-term planning

Few things may be quite as complex as negotiating one's way through a maze of financial affairs, whatever the circumstances. The division of marital assets during a divorce proceeding may be quite straightforward for many people, but it can become a contentious battle for those with sizable pension, insurance or investments. Some California residents who find themselves embroiled in such disputes may simply become so battle-weary that they will concede, simply to be done with the unpleasantness.

Property division and pet ownership after divorce

California couples who are approaching or beginning the divorce process are usually prepared for a series of negotiations over marital property. Those with children anticipate struggles over child custody and support. However, many spouses are surprised at the emotional response they experience when it comes to deciding who will keep the family pets, making this area of property division a difficult hurdle for many.

Reality stars head for divorce after domestic violence allegation

Domestic violence is an all-too-common occurrence in divorce cases -- and sometimes it can lead directly to one of the parties in a marriage to file for divorce. This appears to be the case with a high-profile couple known for their TV courtship and high-profile careers: Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada.

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