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Posts tagged "child support payments"

Planning for college tuition during divorce

When a California couple enters the divorce process, there are a vast number of choices that must be made. For couples who share children, matters of child custody and support often take the forefront of the negotiating process. While the immediate needs of the children are rightfully a priority, it is important to keep in mind that there will be future needs that also require attention during the divorce process.

Man to pay one dollar per month in child support

Family court judges who hear child support cases normally see very similar arguments. Such hearings usually involve a mother and father who have ended their union and are struggling over matters concerning the continued financial support of their shared children. However, courts in California and across the nation also hear child support arguments that deviate from this norm.

Child support enforcement is a serious issue

The vast majority of California parents who make child support payments have a sincere interest in providing for the care of their children. When a circumstance arises that prohibits them from making their monthly child support payment, many feel a great deal of shame and remorse. In some cases, the initial response is to address the financial hardship that led to the problem, and try to catch back up before the debt grows. In others, finances have become so strained that the non-custodial parent simply buries his or her head in the sand for a period of time.

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