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Posts tagged "California"

California divorce bill stops alimony when child sexually abused

Parents who are married usually consider their children to be their top priority. This generally does not change even after the couple decides to call it quits and file for a divorce in California or in any other state. When this happens the divorcees will have to come to some type of agreement regarding child support and spousal support. However, when one parent has been convicted of sex crimes committed against his or her child, the other parent may find it repugnant that the convicted parent would still be able to ask for spousal support payments.

California judge faces tough decisions in Dodgers divorce case

Divorce settlements are rarely straightforward, but divorce settlements for high profile individuals with business interests and property assets are even more complex. For one high-profile California couple, the divorce process has been even longer and more complicated than they probably imagined possible. When millions of dollars are at stake, as in the divorce of Frank and Jamie McCourt, seemingly simple tasks like asset division and even just answering the question "what is marital property?" can become quite complex.

California divorce rates fall in tough economic times

A recently released study sheds an interesting light on the ways that California families shifts according to the economy. The study looks at data on divorce rates from 1978 to 2009, and compares those numbers against unemployment data from the same years. Researchers discovered a trend that suggests that couples will stay together during tough economic times, and will divorce more often when times are easier.

California spouses should focus on finances prior to divorce

When divorce is on the horizon, many California spouses feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of changes that are imminent. It can be difficult to know where to start, and some spouses simply shut down and fail to address important issues in a timely manner. When it comes to finances, however, taking a well-informed and proactive approach can mean the difference between future financial stability or failure following a divorce process.

More older people opting for divorce in California

California residents may believe that divorce is more common among younger couples, and that those marriages that have reached the 20 year mark or beyond are likely to go 'till death do us part.' Recent research suggests, however, that older adults are filing for divorce at ever-increasing rates. The Wall Street Journal recently reported the results of one study that claims that one of every four individuals who divorce is over the age of 50.

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