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Divorce Archives

Apps can help manage financial aspects of divorce

The complexities involved ending a marriage do not stop with the decision to do so. The financial challenges involved with separation and divorce in California can be a barrier to a couple arriving at a comprehensive settlement and moving forward with their lives to establish a new normal. This can be particularly true if children are involved.

Financial issues continue to be a significant cause of divorce

The dynamics of marriage have changed significantly over the years. The Cleavers of the 1950s are a distant memory to baby-boomers and incomprehensible to most younger couples. While single-income homes still exist, they are certainly the exception and not the rule. And while double incomes are currently the norm, a woman making more than her husband in California is not, and the disparity in income earning can cause problems in a marriage that may lead to divorce. This is according to recent study on the subject.

Tamar Braxton pushing for divorce

Infidelity, money issues and no longer sharing the same interests are just a few of the many reasons couples choose to end a marriage. No matter the reason for divorce, one person delaying the inevitable often leads to frustration and greater animosity. A California court has recently received papers from Tamar Braxton asking for a "status only" divorce. If granted, the parties would be legally single but would still have to resolve various financial and child custody issues.

Determining spousal support in a divorce negotiation

Deciding to end a marriage is a difficult decision and seldom arrived at lightly in California. Once the decision is made, there are many factors to take into consideration when determining issues such as property division, child custody, and support and spousal support. Of these, spousal support is frequently the last piece of the puzzle to be considered, but it is certainly not the least important.

Divorce for Boomers can challenge existing retirement plans

The baby boomer population is mostly alive and well in California and nationwide. They are entering their retirement years and making out their estate plans to transfer a massive base of wealth to their heirs in the coming years. What happens to the normally structured procedure of retirement and estate planning when a couple decide that it is necessary to get a divorce later in life?

Divorce may lead to possibly higher Social Security benefits

California residents who are divorced or facing a divorce should know some basic facts about Social Security retirement benefits. To qualify for benefits, an individual must have roughly a 10-year work history where Social Security taxes were paid into the fund. When a divorced or soon-to-be divorced person does not qualify under that standard, all may not be lost. There may be a way to obtain benefits on the Social Security account of the former spouse after the divorce, and this is done without interfering with the usual amount the other spouse collects.

Co-parenting after divorce may take some hard work to get right

How two parents handle the interaction between each other and with their children post-divorce will have a lot to say about how the children grow emotionally in their formative years. Cooperative co-parenting is a popular concept in California and other states. Truth be told, however, this is a difficult model for many parents to master after a divorce. At the least, it will take time for some parents to adjust to the idea of keeping past emotional heartaches under check for the sake of the children.

Get better results by avoiding common divorce pitfalls

There are certain universal pitfalls to avoid in California and other states when a person is involved in divorce proceedings. Despite the following considerations, however, one must consult regularly with an experienced family law attorney in order to remain fully informed and protected from the range of pitfalls that may exist. That being said, one thing that has burned many a divorce participant is talking about one's finances and activities on social media.

Divorce does not have to feel like a minefield

The marital dissolution process can feel like a minefield, with emotional explosions taking place unexpectedly. Unfortunately, these explosions could cause serious injuries that leave lasting scars. However, a couple of tips may help people in California who are going through divorce to get through the process as unscathed as possible.  

Prenuptial contract may be difficult to enforce in divorce case

Prenuptial agreements have become somewhat common in the divorce process in California and elsewhere. A prenup is a contract entered into prior to the marriage. It contains provisions that generally define who gets what property if there is a separation and divorce. It was traditionally used by a wealthy person entering a marriage with a less wealthy individual, and the purpose was to limit what the less wealthy partner would be able to take out of the marriage if it ended.

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