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Child Support Archives

Child support not subject to statute of limitations

Divorce is seldom easy and can be especially difficult when small children are involved. Child support is frequently part of a divorce settlement where one parent typically pays a specified amount to the other parent, usually on a monthly basis. There are many cases of people owing back child support payments. There is no statute of limitations on child support payments in California.

California woman successful sues for child support after decades

After almost five decades of being divorced, a woman will finally be receiving support from her former husband for their now adult child. The California resident successfully sued her former husband for child support he owed for their 52-year-old daughter who was 3 at the time of her parents' divorce. The man apparently fled the country in the 1970s rather than make support payments.

New bill will assist in child support collection

Taking care of one's children is a top priority for parents. Many California parents will set aside their own desires to make sure that the children have what they need. Unfortunately, there are those parents who do not recognize that children must be given priority and therefore do not step up and take care of their children as required by a child support order. Currently, the state of California has close to $18 billion in past-due child support. This number increases to almost $120 billion throughout the nation as a whole.

California child support considerations

When children are involved, there are a number of factors which must be determined when the parents decide that they no longer wish to be together. Whether the couple is ending a marriage or simply deciding that they no longer wish to remain a couple, they are each still responsible for providing for their children. This child support is typically addressed in a formal child support order issued by a judge in a California court of law.

Child support often misunderstood and misused

When a California family court orders a parent to pay support for his or her children following divorce, the order is not always received with pleasure. Child support payments are often hotly contested, and some studies show that nearly half of those who owe child support default on their payments. However, many parents who are ordered to financially support their children complain that the money they send is not used for the right purpose.

How is child support calculated?

Money is often a concern when a California couple decides to divorce. Rather than funding one household with two incomes, it is now necessary for each individual to fund his or her own household. This makes it important to know how much money is coming in and going out each month. Some expenses, such as housing, are easily determined. Other expenses, such as child support, are a little more complicated.

Child support and the rising gig economy

Contract work is making it easy for parents to avoid paying the necessary and court-ordered support payment to their children. It is causing problems for the parents who are trying to get paid as well as for state officials who are trying to collect it. Approximately 70 percent of child support money is collected through paycheck withholdings, but money earned by contractors cannot be captured if employers do not cooperate and disclose wages. In California, state officials have very few ways to make employers comply.

Pay child support or lose your business license

Failing to pay child support can have severe consequences for everyone who owes. Child support services on the state level can revoke an individual's driver's license and a business license for failure to pay. In California, marijuana business owners should be prepared to work out a payment arrangement with the Department of Child Support Services or risk losing their license.

California child support collections remain high

Young children often imitate the people with whom they spend the most time. Many California parents will be familiar with hearing their children repeat the phrases they use the most, or watching a child pretend to be mom or dad on the phone.  August is Child Support Awareness Month, and noncustodial parents who make regular payments in respect of child support give their children something to imitate that will stand them in good stead for the future.

Child support: Don't underestimate child care costs

The joys of having children bring with them many years of responsibility. Some California couples are lucky enough to be able to afford to have one spouse bear the brunt of being a full-time homemaker and parent. If such a couple decide to divorce, this arrangement may not be sustainable, leaving both parents potentially having to consider the costs of child care as part of the child support arrangements.

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