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How do assets contribute to a rockier divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2023 | Divorce |

Going through a divorce is difficult for people in many different ways. It creates a big financial strain, too.

Many arguments before and during a divorce often center around finances, as a matter of fact. But can assets actually contribute to a more argumentative, rocky divorce?

Understanding “the fighting class”

Business Insider discusses contributions to divorce. Generally speaking, assets do have a fair amount of sway in how a divorce turns out. Many arguments about finances actually lead to divorces in the first place.

This belief that assets contribute to divorce may have come from the amount of fighting that comes from the upper-middle-class wealth bracket in specific. They tend to have such intense fights that the media actually dubbed them “the fighting class”.

However, by comparison, couples with over $5 million in assets actually have the highest rate of amiable divorce compared to any other wealth bracket.

Thusly, it is not entirely accurate to say that more money equates to more problems in the context of divorce and arguments within the divorce process.

The importance of financial security

If it is not the number of assets that causes the arguments, what does? In short, a person’s feelings about their own financial security likely have the biggest impact.

Upper-middle-class couples have more wealth than many other couples. However, they experience financial insecurity at a much higher rate than couples in the wealthiest income and net worth brackets.

Due to this insecurity, they may lash out and fight with their spouse more in a desperate bid to get a bigger chunk of the community property and maintain their current lifestyle.


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