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Is domestic violence always physical?

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2022 | Domestic Violence |

Though some people believe that domestic violence involves physical abuse in all cases, this is not true. Emotional and verbal abuse can also leave behind scarring, even if it is not visible to the naked eye.

A victim might have grounds for a domestic violence case without even realizing it. Thus, it is important to understand and learn the signs of non-physical domestic violence.

Forms of verbal abuse

WebMD takes a look at non-physical signs of domestic abuse. By definition, this type of abuse will use words and actions that do not result in physical contact. The goal is to manipulate, control, intimidate or keep power over the victim.

Verbal abuse comes in many forms and can include actions like giving someone the silent treatment, ridiculing them, or engaging in humiliating them, whether in public or in private. The isolation of a victim also counts, along with attempting to scare them verbally into submissive behavior.

Actions of indirect violence

Instead of direct violence, people who commit non-physical domestic abuse may throw items, slam doors, destroy belongings, hurt pets, and try to intimidate the victim in other indirect ways. These actions and words easily harm the peace of the victim and can injure their emotions and mind.

On top of that, these actions and words sometimes serve as a prelude to physical violence, with the abuser ramping up their aggression over time.

For victims who realize they are in abusive situations, they may wish to seek help when possible. The aid may allow them to find a way to get out of this dangerous relationship.


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