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Do you understand the types of spousal support?

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During divorce proceedings, a court may order someone to pay spousal support. Many people might think that these payments are permanent. However, there are different kinds of spousal support.

Courts consider the situation when they award spousal support. The Judicial Branch of California says that officials may order someone to pay long-term alimony. This is the kind that most people are familiar with. Someone usually makes monthly payments to a former spouse until the recipient either dies or remarries. Sometimes, a court could specify how long these payments will last. However, this is not the only kind of spousal support that people might receive.

What is temporary alimony?

According to the Judicial Branch of California, a court could order short-term spousal support. Officials usually mandate these payments if someone has an immediate financial need. One spouse may earn significantly less money, for example. In this situation, a court could require the other person to pay alimony.

How do courts decide how much temporary support is necessary?

Officials usually evaluate the finances of both spouses before issuing a support order. They consider monthly income and expenses, as well as how much money each person has in savings. Additionally, the couple’s unique situation is a factor. One spouse might have a medical condition requiring expensive treatments. A court could order a higher amount of spousal support so that this person can afford treatments. If a couple has young children, the primary caregiver may receive alimony.

Sometimes, people make their own decisions about temporary spousal support. A prenuptial agreement could specify who will receive alimony and the amount of these payments. People can also write an agreement when they begin divorce proceedings.

People typically make temporary payments during the court proceedings. Once the court finalizes the divorce, officials may consider whether permanent spousal support is necessary.


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