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What are some hidden signs of domestic abuse?

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2022 | Domestic Violence |

Figuring out how to handle domestic violence can seem tough, and noticing hidden signs can be just as hard.

Some signs may not seem obvious at first, but learning more about them can help you make important decisions.

Exhibits controlling behavior

According to the Mayo Clinic, many abused partners report getting coerced into situations they do not want to be in. An abusive partner can coerce you into wearing certain kinds of clothes or not taking some types of medication.

You may even endure blame or jealousy from your partner for issues that are not your fault. This kind of reaction can even escalate into physical violence, although it may not always end in that.

Uses passive-aggressive insults

Abuse may not start out as obvious as you may think. In some cases, your partner may begin to insult how you look or how you act in a passive-aggressive way or claim that they were only joking when you try to stop the insults.

Your partner may call you rude names or talk disparagingly about your looks or your clothes. They may also turn around and try to blame you for the abuse or mean comments in order to confuse you.

Harms other items or pets

If you see your partner kicking or harming your pet or threatening to, then abuse may be happening. He or she may also punch holes in your walls or attempt to threaten you through physical intimidation.

Abuse can appear subtle at first and physical harm may not always happen right away. Knowing the signs can help you if you need to take action.


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