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Husband arrested 37 years after wife’s murder

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2020 | Firm News |

The idea of being married to an ax murderer is typically one reserved for comedic fodder. Yet far too often, grisly crimes do occur between married couples. Often such crimes are not singular events, but rather the culmination of years of domestic abuse in Torrance. People often suffer domestic violence at the hands of their spouses in silence both out of fear that speaking up will only cause the abuse to escalate, and because they do not know how to secure the resources needed to protect them should they choose to leave and seek a divorce. Sadly, for many, the decision to stay often proves to be fatal. 

Such was the outcome of a case involving a New York couple. The husband in the case was recently arrested over 37 years after his wife was found in her home with an ax embedded in her skull. The husband had maintained his innocence in the matter (and continues to do so), yet authorities cited witnesses coming forward with allegations of domestic violence that ultimately contributed to him being arrested. Specifically, the dead woman’s sister believed that she had exposed her husband’s lies about his educational background, which then prompted the violence that led to her murder. 

Domestic violence victims need to know that there is indeed assistance in place to help them escape from their abusive marriages. This includes not only securing a protective order against their spouses, but also in initiating divorce proceedings. While such assistance is indeed readily available, one may need an advocate to help fight for it. An experienced family law attorney can be just such an advocate. 


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