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How can I cope with domestic violence?

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2020 | Domestic Violence |

Even if you’ve successfully gotten away from a domestic violence situation, you might still find yourself experience the emotional effects. Without the right assistance, these effects can last a lifetime and may even negatively impact your life in other ways. If you’re struggling with overcoming past domestic violence, offers the following advice.

Reestablish stability

When you’re being abused, your sense of security and stability will be completely diminished. These feelings may persist even when you’re outside of the abusive situation, which can make a person constantly feel on edge or in peril. The first step to restoring yourself is to reestablish your stability within your new life. When you feel agitated, take steps to regain peace by doing things you find pleasing, such as exercise or even writing in a journal. If you notice that certain situations or events trigger these feelings, remember them in the future so you can take prior action.

Work through past feelings

Even though it’s best for you to be outside of the abusive relationship, you might still feel bad about it ending. This is natural and is more about mourning what you wanted your relationship to be and not necessarily what it was. Accepting these feelings is better in the long run. Denying feelings of hurt and loss will only cause them to fester, which in turn can delay your healing.

Reach out to others

A lot of abuse victims are often isolated from friends and family by their abusers. As a result, it can feel lonely when setting out on your own. Forging new connections with others is an important part of the healing process and can even help you to help others who are involved in abusive situations if you use your time for volunteering. While making new friends is important, hold off on dating until you’re a little further along in the process.


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