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Should your children have a court-appointed attorney?

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2019 | Child Custody |

It is unfortunate, but many times in cases involving child custody, parents have a difficult time focusing on what is best for their children. It is easy to become a little selfish and think that your needs are what is best for your child. In some cases, one parent may be looking out for the children while the other acts selfishly and only thinks of his or her needs. In this case, you can have a difficult time standing up for your children on your own. It is in such cases, where you may consider having the California court appoint an attorney for your children.

According to the California Courts, you may request a court-appointed attorney for your child or someone else involved in the case, such as the other parent, any attorney or even the child, may. The court will consider your case when making the decision.

Generally, the court will consider the overall well-being of the child. If the court feels the situation is causing your child stress or if your child wants to express his or her feelings and thoughts and has been unable to do so, then the court will probably appoint an attorney. The court will also usually consider doing so if the custody hearings have been highly volatile or it feels neither you nor the other parent are providing a secure environment for your children.

The court’s main goal in any child custody case is to look out for what is best for the children. The court does not care about you or the other parent more than it does about the children. Appointing an attorney for your children allows the court to keep the children safe and gives them someone who is only looking out for them and who is working on their side. It can be a huge relief for your children in a situation that is often wrought with turmoil. This information is for education and is not legal advice.


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