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May 2019 Archives

Apps can help manage financial aspects of divorce

The complexities involved ending a marriage do not stop with the decision to do so. The financial challenges involved with separation and divorce in California can be a barrier to a couple arriving at a comprehensive settlement and moving forward with their lives to establish a new normal. This can be particularly true if children are involved.

Financial issues continue to be a significant cause of divorce

The dynamics of marriage have changed significantly over the years. The Cleavers of the 1950s are a distant memory to baby-boomers and incomprehensible to most younger couples. While single-income homes still exist, they are certainly the exception and not the rule. And while double incomes are currently the norm, a woman making more than her husband in California is not, and the disparity in income earning can cause problems in a marriage that may lead to divorce. This is according to recent study on the subject.

Best interest of the child should be considered in divorce

Marriage is entered with the hope and belief that it will last forever. The sad truth remains that almost 50% of marriages in California end in divorce. When children are involved what can be a difficult and painful decision can become that much more difficult. It is now widely considered that staying together for the sake of the children is not in the best interest of the child or children involved.

Tamar Braxton pushing for divorce

Infidelity, money issues and no longer sharing the same interests are just a few of the many reasons couples choose to end a marriage. No matter the reason for divorce, one person delaying the inevitable often leads to frustration and greater animosity. A California court has recently received papers from Tamar Braxton asking for a "status only" divorce. If granted, the parties would be legally single but would still have to resolve various financial and child custody issues.

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