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Get better results by avoiding common divorce pitfalls

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2019 | Divorce, Firm News |

There are certain universal pitfalls to avoid in California and other states when a person is involved in divorce proceedings. Despite the following considerations, however, one must consult regularly with an experienced family law attorney in order to remain fully informed and protected from the range of pitfalls that may exist. That being said, one thing that has burned many a divorce participant is talking about one’s finances and activities on social media.

Claiming to be poor as a church mouse and then bragging on social media about a vacation around the world is a sure way to end up on the defensive with the other side in your case. Other things that can cause a setback in one’s claims is to be unprepared with the necessary documentation on personal and marital finances. This means that one should early on collect the important financial evidence that may determine the resolution of various issues.

For example, a divorce participant should be prepared with verification of all financial accounts, including account numbers, balances, amounts due and the like. Social Security statements regarding a spouse’s earnings should be copied as necessary evidence. Receipts, bills, payments for home improvements and similar documentation must be obtained and preserved.

Records of all transactions in retirement accounts, investments and other assets should be obtained and indexed. It is also necessary to close all joint accounts early and assure that the account is reconstituted to have bills go only to the responsible party. If there is a problem with child custody or visitation, contemporaneous written notes may at least help a party to remember more precisely what occurred during contested events. Keeping in close consultation with one’s California divorce attorney prior to and during the proceedings will keep one current and prepared to negotiate or litigate the case to final resolution.


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