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Divorce does not have to feel like a minefield

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2019 | Divorce, Firm News |

The marital dissolution process can feel like a minefield, with emotional explosions taking place unexpectedly. Unfortunately, these explosions could cause serious injuries that leave lasting scars. However, a couple of tips may help people in California who are going through divorce to get through the process as unscathed as possible.  

First, it may be helpful for divorcing spouses to look at their marriage’s history before embarking on the divorce process. The reason for this is that their marital history can help them to predict where they might experience problems during the divorce. If they historically had disputes that became demeaning or hostile, this could happen during divorce proceedings as well. Likewise, if they mostly fought about parenting, the children or money, these areas may become the biggest sources of conflict during divorce proceedings.

Once divorcing spouses explore what issues could trigger them or their spouses, it may behoove them to develop support systems that do not encourage retribution and anger. With the right support, they may be able to resolve their divorce issues outside of court through processes such as informal negotiations or mediation. This could prove less stressful than going to trial.

Of course, not all divorce issues can be resolved outside of trial. In this situation, two divorcing spouses might have to rely on a family law judge to make the final decisions regarding these issues for them. Still, in both situations, an attorney in California can provide a divorcing spouse with the direction needed to pursue the most personally beneficial outcome possible.


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